Church Partnerships

We believe that the programs we offer in Managua are truly changing the lives of inner-city youth and children, and we seek to extend these programs across different churches in Nicaragua. Many churches don’t currently offer programs for children or youth or have the resources or staff to reach them directly. That’s why we seek to partner with churches across Nicaragua by training local churches’ leadership and staff in launching and successfully running kids and youth programs. In Spanish, our Church Partnerships program is called “Unidos”, which means “United”.

Reaching Across Nicaragua

While we are currently developing our church partnership program, we have already partnered with several churches throughout Nicaragua including one in Managua, one in Cuidad Sandino, and one in Leon to help them reach hundreds of kids in their local community.

Providing Great Resources

Our goal is to create curriculums and resources that can be extended across a variety of localities, budgets and resources to meet the needs of children and youth across Nicaragua.

Building Personal Relationships

By providing a consistent set of resources and curriculum, leaders across church partner locations will have more time to focus on building personal relationships with children and youth in their programs.

Leadership Training

We offer a two-month leadership training program to train children’s pastors and youth pastors in launching and running successful programs and building relationships with kids.

Oversight in Partnership

Once training is complete, we support those churches and their leaders in launching their program and help oversee the program to ensure accountability.

Identifying Unique Needs

Each community in Nicaragua has its own culture, and we work with ministry leaders to help identify specific nuances about their own community. We partner with these leaders to learn about and address needs of their specific church.

Right now we’re in the development stages of our Church Partnership program, and we could use prayer support as we creatively plan how to reach children and youth across Nicaragua.
Individuals, teams and churches are also welcome to inquire about resource needs they may be able to help with, or contribute to overall project costs by getting in touch with our team.

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