Discipleship and Development of kids and youth in Nicaragua.

We seek to equip underprivileged children and youth to grow in their relationship with Christ and improve their quality of life through biblical discipleship, intellectual development, and vocational training.

Kids and youth are often overlooked and don’t receive the tools they need to thrive in their relationship with Christ, the church, or their community. We offer spiritual, educational, and vocational development programs to kids and youth so they can grow up healthy in all aspects of life, and we help equip local church leadership to do the same.

Be a part of it! Our local and foreign staff along with those who support us in so many ways are what help One by One reach its mission, so whether you join us as a staff member, a short-term team member, a prayer partner, or a financial partner, we want your help making change for future generations!

The Gospel Changes Lives

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus is the most powerful way to change a life. We’ve seen families transformed because of the grace of God, and we’d love if you were a part of our mission.

Education Changes Lives

We believe that improving a child’s education is a foundational way to change their future. In a country where many people live on less than $3 USD a day, providing educational opportunities means opening up doors for better employment and a better life.

Changed Lives Transform Others

We believe that children and youth have the capacity to lead their communities, and we give them the chance to do that. Through our programs and through opportunities in music, public speaking, group play and service, we allow young leaders to flourish because we believe in them.